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Introducing our latest product, Slaked Lime, brought to you by Hangzhou Pump Co., Ltd. Our slaked lime is a high-quality and versatile chemical compound that has various uses across different industries. Also known as calcium hydroxide, slaked lime is produced by mixing quicklime with water, resulting in a fine white powder. It is commonly used in water and wastewater treatment, as well as in construction, agriculture, and chemical manufacturing.

Our slaked lime is meticulously processed to ensure purity and consistency, making it an ideal choice for your specific industrial needs. Whether you require it for pH adjustment, flocculation, or as a raw material for various chemical processes, our slaked lime is the perfect solution. With its excellent properties and wide range of applications, our slaked lime is the top choice for businesses in Hangzhou and beyond. Trust Hangzhou Pump Co., Ltd. for all your slaked lime needs, and experience the quality and reliability that our products are renowned for.

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Introducing our high-quality slaked lime, the perfect solution for all your construction and agricultural needs. Our slaked lime, also known as hydrated lime, is produced by adding just the right amount of water to quicklime, creating a fine, white powder with excellent plasticity and workability. In the construction industry, slaked lime is widely used as a key ingredient in mortar and plaster, providing superior strength, durability, and adhesion. It also serves as an essential component in soil stabilization, creating a solid base for roads, buildings, and other structures. Our slaked lime is carefully processed to ensure consistent quality and performance, making it the ideal choice for all your construction projects. In agriculture, slaked lime plays a crucial role in maintaining soil pH levels, improving soil structure, and enhancing nutrient availability. It is also used to combat acidic soils and promote healthy plant growth. With our premium-grade slaked lime, you can ensure optimal soil conditions for your crops and achieve higher yields. We take pride in offering a reliable and cost-effective slaked lime product that meets the highest industry standards. Whether you are a contractor, builder, farmer, or gardener, our slaked lime is the perfect choice for achieving outstanding results. Try our slaked lime today and experience the difference it can make in your projects and crops.

I recently purchased Slaked Lime for my gardening needs and I am extremely pleased with the product. The high quality of the slaked lime has provided a much-needed boost to the soil's pH levels, helping my plants thrive. I noticed a significant improvement in the health and growth of my plants after using this product. The easy-to-use packaging made application a breeze, and the results were almost immediate. I highly recommend slaked lime to anyone looking to improve their garden's soil quality and promote strong, healthy plant growth. It's definitely a must-have for any avid gardener.

I recently purchased slaked lime for my gardening needs and I am extremely satisfied with the results. The slaked lime was easy to mix and it helped to neutralize the acidity in my soil, allowing my plants to thrive. The high quality of the product was evident in the quick and effective reaction it had on the soil. It also helped to improve the structure of the soil, making it easier for water and nutrients to penetrate. I would highly recommend this slaked lime to any gardener looking to improve the quality of their soil and promote healthy plant growth.

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